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Most car SMART repairs can be fixed within 2-3 hours or sooner!

Bumper scuffs are also sometimes referred to as bumper scrapes or bumper scratches. This type of damage is caused by catching another vehicle or stationary object such as a stone wall. Normally this scratches the paint revealing the black plastic underneath or possibly a dent if the impact was a little harder. This type of damage normally just affects the corner of your bumper or the bump strip.

Car bumpers are actually made of plastic so rust is not an issue, although a scuffed bumper can effect the overall look of your car and have a negative affect the resale value.

Mobile Car Bumper Repair – Scuffs, Scratches and cracked plastic

Auto Smart Repairs can repair almost all damage to bumpers, be it on a car, van or bus.  It’s probably the most common repair we do and we are mobile and convenient, repairing only the local area of the bumper that is damaged.  Bumpers are often scuffed in car parks, gateposts and walls. The damage can range from minor scuffing, deeper scratches or even cracks and splits.

Colour Coded and Textured Plastic Bumpers

Most newer cars have colour coded bumpers that match the colour of the cars paint work but the uncoloured, black or grey textured bumpers and trim can also be repaired to a virtually unnoticeable standard with specialist textured paint to recreate the original texture.

If your car does have colour coded bumpers then rest assured that we can mix the correct colour, on the spot, in the back of the van to match the original body paint colour.  We used advanced technology to retrieve the most accurate colour we can.

Plastic Welding of Split and Cracked Bumpers

If your bumper has been cracked or split, we can also repair these with our specialist plastic welding tools. Melting a steel mesh over the crack or split, into the original plastic and using a special universal plastic stick melted into the repair, the repair will become stronger than the original bumper. This is then skimmed over with body filler, primed, painted with the matching paint colour and finally lacquered with high quality UV protecting lacquer to prevent fading of the repair.


SMART Mobile Bumper Repair

We as a mobile SMART repair company will come to your home and repair your cars bumper or paint damage for you. The repair time for a bumper scuff in need of a paint repair would be approximately 2 - 3 hours. Prices for this type of repair depend on the severity of damage and the area needed to be painted.

We are able to repair you bumper regardless of a painted or textured finish. Using a technique called SMART (Small / Medium Area Repair Technique) we are able to repair most areas of your car. The aim is to keep the repaired area as small as possible to keep your repair bill as low as possible. This technique has been used for many years as well as our 'Lechler Hydrofan' water based paint mixing scheme, one of the world's leaders in automotive refinishing.

All our paints are obtained from the individual manufacturer's colour code stamped onto our vehicle. This information is uploaded onto our computer giving us the original paint mix formula, we then mix on site for a perfect paint match. Our system gives you excellent value for money and will leave your car looking brand new.


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Why use Auto Smart Repairs for your vehicle?

Fast, low cost, environmentally friendly, car body repairs across a range of paint and bodywork damage to cars, vans, coaches and motorcycles. Auto Smart Repairs offers a fully mobile repair service to your home or place of work from a fully equipped, Mobile Workshop, attending to a wide range of bodywork damage.

Auto Smart Repairs cover all areas of Derby, Burton-on-Trent, Long Eaton, Castle Donington, West Hallam, Ilkeston Loughborough. We come to you to fix all minor scratches, dents & scuffs on any panel of your car no matter what the damage. Call us on 07582 344456 or use our Instant Quote Form.